Find all your bus do's, don'ts, needs, and guidelines below:

What Am I Allowed To Bring On The Bus?

For questions about items you can or cannot bring on the bus, in addition to those listed on the riders guide, contact the West River Transit office at 701-224-1876 or 1-888-682-5826 prior to boarding the bus.


Ride Reservations - 1st come, 1st served

You must schedule your ride 24 hours in advance by

contacting the dispatcher at 1-888-682-5826. Also be aware

of holidays to schedule ahead of closed days. The driver will

arrive at your specified pickup location at the agreed-upon

time, and take you to your destination. Be ready to board the

bus 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time.



Your bus fares are generally placed in the bus fare-box

when you board, unless prior arrangements have been

made or punch tickets have been purchased. For more

information, please contact the WRT office.


Cancellations - 1 hour prior to pick up

Please contact the WRT office as soon as you become aware of the need to cancel your ride. If you do not cancel, you may be charged for the ride. Repeated "no shows" may result in a suspension of your bus riding privileges


Mobility  Devices & Wheelchairs

We have buses and vans that are accessible for people who use mobility devices. When you call to reserve your ride, please tell the dispatcher if you use a mobility device such as a walker, manual or motorized wheelchair, scooter, etc., and if you will need a lift or ramp to enter the vehicle.


Refusal of Service

WRT has empowered its drivers to refuse service to any passenger who is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or may be dangerous or disruptive. Those who are belligerent, rude or refuse to follow policies will be removed.


​Your Rider Guide

  • Drivers don't carry change. Have correct fare ready when boarding.


  • All passengers must wear their seat belts - no standing. If no child seats are available, parents must provide and install.


  • No alcohol or smoking allowed on or outside the bus. Any beverages must be in a spill-proof container. No Firearms, weapons or flammables allowed.


  • Riders are allowed packages they can carry only, or place under their seats.


  • Number of stops will depend on number of riders and needs.


  • Tell the driver if you need any assistance boarding.


  • No pets, service animals need prior approval.


  • Passengers are not allowed to ride the bus all day.


  • Driver can not leave passengers alone on the vehicles.


  • Oxygen Tanks are allowed on the vehicle, but must be secured by the driver - let dispatcher know when reservation is made.


  • Travel attendant can travel with a rider at no cost, but must remain with the rider at all times. When reserving your rides, let the dispatcher know if you will be traveling with an attendant.


  • Drivers assistance at request. The driver will assist the rider to and from the door and can assist with one trip of items, but will not go into the building. No lifting of people or wheelchairs.