Dunn County Schedule

Dunn County Schedule

Contact WRT for all fare rates and additional information

Fares vary by location. Riders can pay for their trips by paying the driver with cash or check. Transit punch cards are available for daily use and can be purchased from the local driver.

Ride reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. First come, first served. 

To schedule a ride, call the West River Transit Reservation number toll free at 1-888-682-5826.

To Bismarck

1st + 3rd Tuesday of each month

from -

Dunn Center ($16.00)

Halliday ($16.00)

 Killdeer ($21.00)

Dodge ($16.00)

Manning ($21.00)

Golden Vallery ($15.00)

To Dickinson

1st + 3rd Thursday of each month

from - 

Dunn Center ($9.00)

Halliday ($8.00)

Killdeer ($9.00)

Dodge ($9.00)

Manning ($9.00)

Golden Valley ($11.00)

To 4Bears Casino

$30.00 fare

2nd Wednesday of each month


Dunn Center, Halliday, Killdeer, Dodge, Manning

Preschool/Daycare transportation available August-May, Monday-Friday: Contact WRT for more information