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Event Bus!

Leave the driving to us! 

The Event Bus is open to the public and a great time on four wheels! Enjoy an afternoon or evening out with good company, while we take care of getting you to and from your destinations safely. This bus can be scheduled to take a group to Dickinson, Bismarck, Minot, Prairie Knights Casino, or many other locations/establishments.


Call or email WRT for more information. Advanced reservations are required and depends on bus availability - first come, first serve.


Phone: 224-1876 (Bismarck local) or toll-free 1-888-682-5826 


We want you to have fun, but West River Transit is not responsible for accidents resulting from rider negligence and reserves the right to refuse rides if a rider violates West River Transit policies. 

Upcoming events:

Visit our 2023 Schedule 

Ride Rates Schedule 

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