Ted Riehl - Flasher
Marjean Yantzer - Center
Verlla Geloff - Sterling
Clyde Schulz - Beulah
Gordonna Toepke - New Salem
Patricia Bailey - Dunn Center

Name Title Address City State Zip Code Telephone Email
Gordonna Toepke President ‚Äč208 South 7th Street New Salem ND 58563 701-843-7681  
Verlia Geloff Secretary/Treasurer 31201 17th Ave NE Sterling ND 58572 701-387-4749 tvgeloff@bektel.com
Marjean Yantzer Voting Board Member PO Box 41 Center ND 58530 701-794-8801 s_yatzie@yahoo.com
 Clyde Schulz Voting Board Member  PO Box 57 Beulah  ND 58523 701-873-5601 cdschulz@westriv.com
 Ted Riehl Voting Board Member PO Box 181 Flasher ND 58535 701-597-3783 momriehl@westriv.com
 Patricia Bailey  Voting Board Member 403 1st St W Dunn Center  ND 58626  701-548-8383  




Carol Anderson Director 734 Aspen Place  Bismarck ND 58501 701-391-7678
Ellen Lang Admin Asst. 7620 Beacon Loop Bismarck ND 58501 701-258-5639


All members of the West River Transit are voting members; they make final decisions along with the Director.